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Subscription criteria:

Besides any provisions contemplated in the MOI of the OBF, subscription to the Olifantsfontein Business Forum is voluntary and is open to any company, business, institution or individual over the age of 18, who operates a legitimate and registered business, situated within the Olifantsfontein Industrial and Business Development, also known as the Clayville Industrial area and Business parks.

Membership and subscription fees:

The Memorandum of Incorporation of the OBF sets out the duties and responsibilities of the directors and regulates the legal relationship with the subscribers.


The OBF board of directors ultimately remain responsible for maintaining a subscription fund for the purpose of meeting all the expenditure which the OBF may incur or which they reasonably anticipate the OBF to incur.

Subscription fees are annually reviewed by the executive committee in accordance with the CPI rate as well as by considering its obligations and any current or planned projects and initiatives.

OBF subscribers contributes by means of paying a monthly subscription fee which is based on a billing structure as set out below and which is determined by the directors:

  • Individual contributors

  • Medium size enterprises

  • Security and Healthcare

  • Mega contributors

At Olifantsfontein Business Forum, we believe in building strong relationships with our members.

We take the time to understand your business and your goals, we're here to help.

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