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Benefits of Joining the Olifantsfontein Business Forum

By joining the OBF you will have asscess to:

- 24/7–365 support and assistance with information, and advice on all service delivery requirements.

- Submission of service delivery requests and reporting of outages and incidents.

- Assurance that your service delivery request is forwarded directly to the relevant entity and responsible person, that it is being attended to, followed up and that you are receiving continuous progress updates.

- Assurance that all your service delivery requests, ranging from, but not limited to- electrical and water outages, water pressure problems, water metering, sewer blockages, potholes, streetlights, environmental issues, illegal dumping and waste disposal, grass cutting, road signs and road marking, traffic lights, street vendors, storm water, ESKOM, SAPS, EMPD, Fire, EMS, and Security requirements, to name but a few, are receiving attention in the shortest time-frame possible.

- Receiving key information and communications from service providers, as well as time-frames, and progress reports on service delivery matters, service interruptions, and planned maintenance on infrastructure.

- Receiving assistance with disputed utility bills, rezoning applications, upgrading of electrical connections, building plans, new or additional access applications, water and electrical connections, certificates of acceptability, fire safety certifications and applications etc.  

- Receiving notifications and information on all matters relating to safety and security, crime pattern analysis, major incidents, events, and accidents, affecting the OBF area.

- Receiving curtesy notifications and reminders regarding unpaid municipal accounts, arrears, and payment requirements prior to being disconnected.

- Being able to participate in the OBF safety and security forum and being able to understand and stay abreast of what is happening in the OBF area and of matters affecting or potentially affecting your business.

- Participation in the upliftment and general well being of the business environment.

- Receiving the monthly OBF newsletter.

- Participation in the OBF radio project.

- Participation in the OBF WhatsApp groups.

- Access to an IT portal for financial and administrative information, which is managed by Paxton, on behalf of the OBF.

- Being able to share your views, expertise, opinions, and advice to facilitate and improve service delivery and give your input when any Agency, Government, Parastatal or Council is reviewing policy, legislation or seeking the views of the business community.

- Interact and collaborate with other OBF subscribers for mutual benefit and promote, advance, and protect your business and communal interests.

- Participation in the management and facilitation of all service delivery requirements.

- Attending the OBF annual general meeting and participating in the nomination and election of the OBF’s board of directors or serving as a member on the OBF’s board of directors.

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