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About the Olifantsfontein Business Forum

“When looking and planning for the future it is important to know where you come from.”


The Olifantsfontein Business Forum (OBF) has established itself as a recognized forum which serves as a mouthpiece and communication platform for all its subscribers and represents the interests of the Olifantsfontein business community and business environment at large.

The OBF has been rendering a service to the Olifantsfontein business community for more than 30 years. Originally the OBF came into being as the OSBF, the Olifantsfontein Security and Business Forum and was incorporated as a Section 21 Company during 1992.  It was initiated by local Olifantsfontein Businesses in response to high levels of crime within the area.  The initiative was supported by the business community, the South African Police Service, the then Midrand Metropolitan Local Council, as well as various other stakeholders.

This initiative paid off, and after crime was drastically reduced within the area, continued support was forthcoming from the business community and the name was changed to the Olifantsfontein Business Forum (OBF) in 2003, to carry forward its mandate and to increase its activities through various aspects of business support.

Incorporation and nature of the company:

The Olifantsfontein Business Forum (OBF) is incorporated as a Non-Profit Company in terms of the Companies Act, Act 71 of 2008 since June 1992.

Purpose of the OBF:

The fundamental purpose of the OBF is to secure, maintain and promote a sustainable business environment, promoting safety and security, partnering, and establishing working relationships within the business community and with the various stakeholders and service providers, as well as cultivating a strong business community bond.

To manage the general well being of the business environment of all OBF subscribers, and to serve as a voice which represent their views and opinions. To facilitate all service delivery requests and to assist with information requirements.

Ensure that the views of all OBF subscribers are considered when any Agency, SOE, Government, Parastatal or Council is reviewing policies, legislation or simply seeking the views of the wider business community.

Promote, facilitate, and secure an environment in which OBF subscribers can interact and collaborate for mutual benefit.

Facilitate meetings and events to provide professional development and networking opportunities for OBF members and other stakeholders.

Promote, advance, and protect the communal interests of the OBF subscribers, owners and occupiers of the businesses and properties comprised in the industrial area, and in the industrial and business parks situated in what is known as the Clayville industrial and business area.

The coordinating, facilitating, and managing of essential service delivery, business related services and to promote business prospects. Strengthening interaction between business associates, manage and facilitate essential and community services and activities within the OBF area.

The prevention of crime, criminal activities, and related aspects by monitoring crime patterns, liaising with the SAPS, Metro Police and Security companies, as well as the facilitation, implementation and managing of safety and security initiatives on an ongoing basis by facilitating a monthly safety and security meeting between all stakeholders.

The management and facilitation of all service delivery requirements in the OBF area in cooperation with, but not limited to, the City of Ekurhuleni, ESKOM, Gauteng Province, and all parastatals.

The implementation of projects in accordance with the Chamber of Commerce, known as “Local is Lekker” to improve the business prospects and interaction between local businesses for community enhancement.

To enhance the services of the OBF and the communal interests by establishing and maintaining effective communication platforms amongst OBF subscribers and all other stakeholders.


The fundamental mission of the OBF is to promote a safe and sustainable business environment and the local economic development of the Olifantsfontein Industrial and Business area. To be in the forefront as the recognized entity representing the Olifantsfontein Business community, by uniting businesses so that they can speak with one voice, to secure, maintain, promote, and facilitate effective service delivery by partnering and establishing a working relationship within the business community and with the various stakeholders and service providers.


To establish a street closure and the long-term objective of applying for a business improvement district comprised in the Industrial area, and business parks situated in what is known as the Clayville industrial and business area.

The OBF is governed by a board of directors in terms of a Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI). The Directors are duly elected from the voluntary OBF subscribers during an Annual General meeting. The board is constituted as required in terms of the Companies Act, Act 71 of 2008 with a minimum of three directors as compelled by legislation.

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